The Freshest Fruit & Veg

A Large selection of fresh fruit and vegetables are available everyday.

You can rely on us to choose the best produce for you.

Hanging Herbs


We stock a full range of fresh herbs and micro herbs for all of your flavor and garnishing needs.

Fresh Fish & Seafood

We visit the fish market 6 days a week.

Where we can source freshly prepared fish, frozen fish & seafood delicacies.

Salmon Sashimi


We have all the ingredients you need for a fresh salad or side salad that will complete any dish!


Including Mixed Leaf, Baby Leaf Rocket, Chard, Watercress, Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biondi, Radicio, Cos.

Dairy Products

Fresh and locally supplied. . .

Milk, Cream, Eggs, Butter, Yogurt & Cheese from across Europe.

Fresh Cow Milk
Blue Cheese Crumbles
Fresh Bread
Bagel Shop


Fresh bread products, fresh from the supplier.

Including Sliced Loaves, Bloomers, Wraps, Bagels & Crumpets.

*Gluten free / Sourdough / Soda also avail

Dry Goods

We offer an extensive range of dry goods including herbs & spices, pasta, oils, condiments and kitchen sundries

*any specialty items required we can source for you

Fruits and Nuts
Kitchen Shelf
Kiwi Popsicles


We stock frozen goods from frozen chips to frozen peas.


Including frozen fruit, frozen bread and frozen fish.

Prepared Vegetables

Save yourself some time, we can prepare any fruit or vegetable to your requirement!

This includes hand cut chips, Fondant potato's, Fruit salads, sliced, diced, peeled and turned vegetables. 

Potato Gratin
Bowl of Chunky Fries
Tropical Fruits

Exotic (specialty Produce)

We can source and supply a wide range of rare products from around the globe for you, just ask!